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Some Loving Words By Some Of Our Fav Mommy Clients

Since I breastfed both my kids, I always found it difficult to find tops and clothes in general that were breastfeeding friendly. Than i discovered N&J, it not only had a hidden zipper which makes it so much easier for you to breastfeed on the go but the clothes were also very stylish and comfortable.


Mommyzdiraies - Influencer / Blogger
Motherhood is a blissful journey and N&J makes it extra special by making Mommas feel gorgeous at every phase. Throughout my pregnancy and now being on the move with my babies, I've always felt beautiful and confident with every outfit designed by Natasha. Be it for work or a night out - the clothes just bring out the best in you! Xoxo

Jaya Maru

Co-founder Rewardz
I was thrilled to have N&J dress for my baby shower and I worked with Natasha on the design for my dream dress which was beautiful as well as extremely comfy. I also have some of her fantastic nursing dresses which are unique, stylish and practical at the same time.

Lucy Holmes

Marketing Specialist
As much as I loved breastfeeding my twins I found it to be very awkward and difficult at times especially in public or with male family members around. And then N&J came to my rescue. The dresses were not only flattering but enabled me to breastfeed with ease making me feel confident. I have recommended N&J to all my pregnant and breastfeeding momma friends around the world as the clever design is so unique and comfortable

Kamal Dasani

Therapist - Owner Therapy Box
The quality of N&J’s cape top was fantastic and staple in my breastfeeding wardrobe. Easy to wear in the day and smart enough to wear on a (rare )night out. Highly recommended :)

Helen Farmer

The Mothership - Influencer
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