Music Therapy

Music is a form of art which doesn’t require any language, its like water it takes the shape of whichever culture or instrument you put it in. Being a working mother of an 11-month-old baby boy I always look for something fun and informative which me and my baby can do together, music therapy is one such thing.

Music therapy is an interesting cult that is catching up with everyone and its one activity that I highly recommend as a mother. Music therapy was first recognized during the World War 2 to help people emotionally and physically. Ever since Music therapy has demonstrated valuable differences among peoples life.

The bond between a mother and a child starts from the womb and music is one such thing that helps the baby and the mother bond from an early stage. The baby can hear through the mother’s muscles and through the uterus. They say playing calm music helps to soothe the baby. One such example is my personal experience, during my pregnancy I listened to calming Mozart tunes, which use to make me feel very relaxed and it was beautiful to see how after the birth of my son he connected to the same music and slept peacefully.

Music therapy another’s advantage is that it not only helps a child go through painful injections smoothly but also helps mothers to feel relaxed and less stressed during the process, as stated by Music therapist from Kentucky states university. Music therapy also helps children with physical and mental challenges cope through the hurdles they face on day-to-day basis.

There are several places in Dubai that offer this fantastic blend of music and therapy one of my fav being baby sensory run by a mother of 3, the classes are filled with colorful things, activities, dancing and music basis on the age of the baby. I have been taking my son since he was 7 months and he loves it there. As stated by Dr Lin day of Great Britain babies have twice as many brain cells as adults and can learn twice as much as a student. The foundation that the parents built during the first 3 years is the most crucial one, what’s special part about these classes are that the activities are designed with the baby ‘s development in mind bases on years of educational and scientific research.

Music in all form can give children a sense of belonging and sense of security. It is very important for brain development and should be incorporated from an early age. Music therapy can be playing an instrument, singing or just listening as well, depending on the age of the child and the preference. The word therapy doesn’t just apply to someone suffering from an ailment but a procedure that helps calms the nerves down and makes you happy.

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Baby sensory website site

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